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Webmasters: here you can download games for websites as hotlinks or advanced embedded flash games that you can use for your website. All free content and free flash games are provided by free games jungle and start games and allow you to add free flash games. The zip files contains a full version swf file, sample html file, and gif thumbnails.

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hot to add free flash games to your website
1. Pick a game and download it
You can find a big list of free flash games for your website on

2. Save the game to your harddisk
Your browser (firefox/internet explorer etc) will show a popup asking you where to save the games files, pick a folder and remember where you are saving it..

3. Extract the zip contents
Now you have to file on your harddisk you need to extract the game files out of the compressed zip file, to do this you can browse to the folder where you just saved the download. To open and extract a zip file you could use win zip

Once you unzipped the files you will have a SWF (Game) file, a html file with the example code, and 2 thumbnail pictures on your computer.
un zip game files
4. Upload the swf files to your webiste / webhost / server
Most webhost providers provide you a way to upload files, this could be a FTP account or a webbased file manager

Upload the flash game swf file/image files to your website, or contact your webhost how to do this..
5. Copy and paste the HTML codes to a file of your website.
Open the example html file to find the codes to copy/paste to your website.

It is important to copy the html codes to a file thats on the same location where you copied the flash game SWF file to.
Or.. Do it the easy way :)

Adding a gameroom to your website will instantly add a self-updating area of games to your myspace, blog, or website. Adding a gameroom is as easy as copy and paste a few lines of HTML code.

This is a fast and easy way to get free flash games for websites. It is also more easy to add then swf games for websites, because this free content is self-updating.

Click here for a free gameroom
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